Bomb Cosmetics: Butter Blizzard Bath Creamer

I recently placed myself a semi-small Christmas sale order with Bomb Cosmetics. Although I'm a Lushie at heart, I'm not adverse to trying other brands and Bomb Cosmetics is always my next in line for bathing products - as well as my go-to for bath melts. They're reasonably priced, great quality and they have a massive range of products in a multitude of scents. Being that their Christmas line was all half price, I thought I would give them a go.

Tonight, I decided to use two products that featured the same scent; Chilly Millie Bath Bomb and Butter Blizzard Bath Creamer.

Bomb Cosmetics Butter Blizzard Bath Creamer

The snowman is Chilly Millie and the small blue one is Butter Blizzard. Plus Twilight Shower Gel for good measure.

As you can see, Butter Blizzard is a small round melt, around the size of a ping pong ball. It is a gorgeous light blue colour with shards of what I thought was sugar, but turned out to be plastic, that looked like ice. A creamer is a cross between a bath bomb and a melt. It does the rolling around the bath and fizzing thing, but at the end of the day its a body butter that disperses through the water, leaving your skin silky smooth for a good 24 hours afterwards.

The scent of Butter Blizzard is stunning. Unfortunately, as its no longer on the website, I'm not sure what the exact fragrances are but I detected a little bit of sour apple with something floral. Not the best description, I know. Chilly Millie smells exactly the same so they went together perfectly. BB took a good 15 minutes to dissolve and left the water light blue with streams of white foam. The water was very soft and really hydrated my skin. I love Bomb Cosmetic's creamers and mallows. They are definitely the best I've tried.

My only complaint was the shards of plastic. They got everywhere. They kept jabbing me in the legs, arms and stomach. I became a bit paranoid about just where they were going which ruined my enjoyment of the product. It was a bit of a shame. I got out of the bath covered in small pieces of plastic and no matter how much I tried to brush them off, I kept finding more. Because of this, I am now very wary of their decorated bath creamers and I'm somewhat worried about trying one of the others I picked up called The Glitterati. I don't think I need to explain why.

Overall, the scent won me over and if they bring it back next year, I'll pick up a few more. Only next time i'll dissolve them through a sieve.


  1. The snowman looks so cute! Great review!

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