Bath Cocktail: Candied Apples

I spent a good half an hour sorting through my bath product collection this afternoon and decided to try my hand at designing my own bath cocktail. Don't get me wrong, I combine products all the time but I normally don't give a toss if they go together. If I feel like using it, it goes in the tub. So I opened my boxes up and gave everything a sniff before deciding that I felt like something sweet, but not in a sherbety, vanillary way. Thus, Candied Apples was born:

Hollybobs Bath Blaster by Bomb Cosmetics
Happy Beak Mallow by Bomb Cosmetics
1/2 Candy Mountain Bubble Bar from Lush
Marshmallow Shower Gel by Imperial Leather (not pictured because I forgot)

Bath Cocktail: Candied Apples

Hollybobs is lightly scented of apple and cinnamon without being overpowering. Unlike previous Bomb Cosmetics blasters, this one retained its scent throughout the bath, leaving the water on the hard side but the addition of Happy Beak counteracted this. Happy Beak is supposedly mandarin and myrrh but to me, the scents are so similar I couldn't distinguish any difference. It melted moderately quickly and has left my skin incredibly soft and smelling amazing. Candy Mountain (pictured wrapped in cellophane because it crumbled after being dropped on the floor. Whoops) is like vanilla and marshmallows to the Marshmallow shower gel fit perfectly in with the theme. It left me with a mountain of bubbles which dissolved shortly before the end of my bath, meaning there was limited clean up (always a plus when you're super lazy). I was also pleased with the pale apple green bath water, despite mixing green, pink and blue products.

This was definitely a winning cocktail. I smell like a candied apple and I love it.

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  1. These look amazing, I'd love these! Great review!


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