Lush Boxing Day Sale Review: Online and In Store

I was equal parts excited and horrified at the thought of my very first Lush Boxing Day Sale. Half-off products is an offer that's simply too good to turn down, but any Lushie worth their salt knows that it it comes at a much higher price than cash. Namely an insane amount of your time and sanity. Don't get me wrong, I knew going in that it would be a shit show but I did not understand just how difficult it would actually be.
LUSH Boxing Day Sale

Sam and I coordinate our plan of attack. I'm on the boyfriend's computer (as my laptop isn't cut out for efforts of this magnitude) and she is on the mobile site. We compile our lists of Needs, Wants and Maybes and await the start of the sale.

The sale starts, we eagerly refresh our page for the next 35 MINUTES but nothing happens. Finally, a disappointing number of sale items pop up only to give the dreaded 503 Error when you click on them. But we figure its no big deal, this was bound to happen.

Still unable to actually click on any products

The website servers go down completely. I lose my shit and give up but the wonderful goddess of bathing products that she is, Sabre continues for both of us.

EIGHT HOURS LATER I get a message from Sabre telling me to log on and get ready - the website is working. It's 7.30pm when I log on and get put into a queue which has forty five minute waiting time and after 30 minutes, shoots up to OVER AN HOUR! Meanwhile, Sabre is desperately trying to add products to the basket and is getting more error messages. I am fuming - but she and her boyfriend have battened down the hatches.

Finally at 10.30pm and fourteen hours after we started, our order goes through.

I know every company will have technical issues at some time or other, but it's their biggest shopping day of the year - their ONLY sale. They knew this and they still didn't provide enough support. I'm not one of those people you see ranting and raving on Twitter, kicking off about how they'll never shop with them again (because who would I be kidding) but its not really acceptable is it? Needless to say I will not be so daft as to shop online for the sale again.

Today I caught the train into Liverpool and we braved the store sale. We arrived around half 12 and were greeted with an insane queue. Not put off, we battled through the masses, grabbed the things that were left that we wanted (which honestly wasn't much, but we didn't expect there to be) and queued for about 2 minutes. It was a 15 minute job. Quick and simple. You have no idea how much we regretted not getting the bus in on Boxing Day morning. The store staff, as usual, were so friendly and helpful, labeling bath bombs in the queue to save time on the tills and rushing around restocking. I felt a bit bad for them, I remember what retail is like on Boxing Day, but they coped really well with all the idiot panic buyers (me).

We popped back a bit later on in the day to pick up some bits we'd forgotten and there was hardly anything left apart from Luxury Lush Pud (sorry to those who love it, but it smells disgusting) which wasn't a surprise.

So, lesson learned, if you want to get it done do it yourself. The store sale is well worth the hassle and there is so much more choice. Once my delivery turns up, I'll be posting a haul review as well as some other bits and pieces.


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