Fear the Walking Dead Full Season Review

Fear the Walking Dead Full Season Review

Produced by The Walking Dead's Robert Kirkman, and based on the comics of the same name, Fear The Walking Dead was something I had been looking forward to since the somewhat "meh" ending of Season 5. The premise, on paper, is exciting and the prospect of the origins of the infection is something I could not pass up. So, Mr à La Mode and I sat down to watch the series earlier this week with open minds and I silently begged for it to be all I hoped it would be.

The first episode was by far the best. Beginning with Nick (Frank Dillane), a heroin addict who wakes in a smack den to find a his girlfriend chewing on his friend's face. It unfolds quickly into the beginning of the end in a suburb of Los Angeles, introducing two sides of a blended family and a terrifying barber-cum-family man.

The scares were limited, despite AMC's hard work. To be fair, I'm a horror vet, brought up on the terrors of Stephen King and talking red-headed dolls, so I wasn't expecting to be bothered. The fiance, someone who is repeatedly horrified when I jump out of the shadows in our own house, didn't even flinch. In fact, I likened it to the Air ride at Alton Towers. A few lowly peaks and then its done.

The characters. Oh dear, the characters. Am I allowed to be this irritated by fictional people? The mother Maddie, played by Kim Dickens of Hollowman fame, did nothing but anger me. Without giving too much away, if there could be an award for worst fictional TV mother, she would lose only to TWD's Lori Grimes. The feeble attempt at making the main male character, Travis, into a poor man's Rick Grimes is laughable. His son Chris is an even more annoying teenage Carl. Overall, they were 2D and unlikable, except Nick who has the only reasonable reactions of anyone, and had the most (however, still limited) common sense.

Fear the Walking Dead Full Season Review

The plot seemed neither here nor there, like they couldn't decide on how to proceed. I suppose the peaks and troughs are more realistic than everything going to hell. If I'm truly honest, its nothing we haven't seen before with TWD and I got bored. By the start of the fourth episode in as many days, we were both fed up.

Overall, if you haven't seen TWD, you will probably enjoy it, but for me it's severely lacking in unique plot and interesting characters (and there's no Daryl Dixon to liven up the day).

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